New Digs

So I moved my design business 6 months ago from Bank Street to Grant Street and realized I never posted pictures of my new office space.  I said good-bye to the retail portion of BHI  and hello to a proper design studio.
New Office Space--The natural light that pours in each day is the best!

Back in May I jumped at the chance to move my business to Progress Tower.  I was able to tear out walls, add lighting & carpet and then give everything a fresh coat of paint.  Now I have separate work areas:  computer desk, drafting table, and conference table.  Plus space to be "creative" or messy depending on who you talk to.

My favorite IKEA table became a great place to lay out floorplans and fabrics for presentations
My Resource Library--holds magazine subscriptions and books from design school.

 My storage closet keeps fabric books and supplies organized
woven IKEA baskets keep my fabric memos stacked neatly.  They are separated by color and pattern. 

Furniture fabrics and large memos have their own area.

I have found that if my workspace is organized I am a much happier person.  Does it stay this way constantly--NO!  This is my drafting table today...

Covered in paperwork, newspaper articles from WSJ my sweet dad saves for me to read (more on this weekly delivery later!) and tile samples.  Cough drops and hot tea seem to be a permanent fixture around here lately as well. 

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