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A few posts ago I showed you this image of my desk in its current state

Stacks of newspapers my sweet dad gives me almost every day were piled up--all  containing articles he believes I need to read.   "You really need to know about this"  he says or "This is a very interesting article on _______ " insert Murphy Beds, French parenting vs. American parenting or a story about a new restaurant opening in Chicago ( because he says one day I might be hungry in Chicago--I am not kidding.)

I usually read the articles and toss in trash but thought in his honor I would do a little post on a current article he thought I would find interesting...The title: "A Gadget for the Home Learns by Degrees"

I am speaking of the super stylish programmable thermostat called the Nest. 

The founders of Nest, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers—who spearheaded the design and engineering of the iPod, respectively found it "unacceptable... that the device that controls 10 percent of all energy consumed in the U.S. hadn't kept up with advancements in technology and design." So they put pen to paper and came up with a thermostat like no other.
The Nest  ($249) is really unlike any other thermostat in the market today. You set it at whatever temperature is most comfortable for you via a very simple dial and color-screen interface and the device adapts to your schedule, just like that. Within a week, it starts tuning your home’s temperature on its own. The Nest also has several sensors that determine if you are in the house and active; if you’re not, then it will automatically switch to Auto-Away or the nighttime mode.
It has a proximity sensor, so its screen lights up only when you are near by—a clever energy saver. And when you do interact with the Nest thermometer, it gives you very useful and helpful feedback. For example, when you decide to adjust the system, it will estimate the required time to reach the specified temperature.  The Nest doesn't just learn, it also teaches: The Nest Leaf appears when you set a temperature that saves you energy—and money. The Leaf guides you in the right direction and helps you be energy-efficient.

The Nest can be connected to your Wi-Fi router and can be accessed via a Web portal or on iPhone or Droid so you can keep an eye on the temperature or change the temperature in your home from afar.

If you would like to learn more about The Nest click here.  They are currently sold out of the stylish thermostat but you can sign up on a list for a first come first serve availability. 

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