Eating My Way Through Spain Part 2

Part 2 of our Spain Vacation

We drove north 4 hours to Bilbao, home of the Frank Ghery designed Guggenheim Museum.

Museum from our hotel window.
 We stayed right across the street from the museum at Hotel Miro and had the most amazing views of Bilbao and the Guggenheim. 

Front Entrance of Miro' Hotel

Bilbao Highlights
Puppy  by Jeff Koons
Made of stainless steel, wood, soil, fabric and covered in flowers, this living sculpture sits at the entrance of the Guggenheim.  It stands at 43 feet and blooms year round due to its internal irrigation system.

 One of the only shots I took while in Bilbao was of my cappuccino from bistro Guggenheim.  It was the best I have ever had.  This was a small bistro in the museum and the girl behind the counter made every cappuccino with such perfection.  Did it take ten minutes to make? Yes. Was it worth every second ticking by? Most definitely. 

Will in front of Anish Kapoor's Tall Tree & The Eye, 2009

Our one regret is we did not spend enough time in Bilbao. You really need more than 2 days to enjoy this city.   We left Bilbao and  drove one hour west to Axpe, Spain.  Located in this tiny village (70 people)  is a wonderful restaurant Asador Etxebarri.  

Behind the doors of this quaint 18th century building you will find one of the best restaurants in the world.  Everything is cooked on the chef Victor Arguinzoniz's famous grill and custom charcoal blend.

Menu cover

Smoked Milk Ice Cream
Hands down the best desert I have ever had.  

Meeting the Chef (his crazy grill system in the background)

We had the pleasure of meeting chef Auguinzoniz and touring his kitchen.  His sous chef was from Eufaula, Alabama.  Very small world.

After lunch we drove one hour to San Sebastian, Spain to pick up the keys to our apartment.  

Part 3 of Spain Vacation tomorrow

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